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May 2020

Dear Majestic Theater Subscribers and Patrons,

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well. As a Majestic Theater subscriber or patron, we feel you have a vested interest in the theater and therefore we need to share with you our detailed plans for the future. Without your support in the past we would not have been successful, and with your continued support in the future we will move forward.

There are so many unknowns at this time, but listening to our local and state leaders we have planned out a schedule we think is reasonable and hopefully achievable. We want to make sure our subscribers and patrons will feel safe coming back to the Majestic Theater.

If it is determined that a partial staff can work safely and securely on August 3, 2020, the Majestic Theater Box Office at 131 Elm Street in West Springfield will turn the phones and computers on, and we will answer calls during limited box office hours. The box office will not be open for walk-in service. Currently we are able to access emails only from our homes.

Based upon the information we have gathered, we are basing our plan on optimistically being able to reopen and resume performances at the Majestic Theater in January 2021. The good news is that we are going to pickup where we left off. "The show must go on!"

We will startup again with performances of The Pitch for the three weeks that we had to cancel. The set for The Pitch is still on the Majestic stage, and all of the actors are anxiously waiting for the lights to come up again. All current ticketholders for The Pitch—even those that thankfully donated their tickets to us so that they could watch the online video of the production—will be able to see The Pitch on a different date in January for the same seats and day of the week as their original tickets.

After we reopen we will need a few months to gather steam again and prepare to present what we've all been waiting for: the large cast musical 9 to 5. In the interim, we will present a great musical with a cast of two, Murder for Two, and a new play by Danny Eaton that got rave reviews at the staged reading, Betty & The Patch.

The concerts by Bo Fitzgerald & The YankCelt Band and Craig Eastman will be rescheduled for March 2021, along with the great comedy Misgivings. If you purchased tickets for these shows in 2020, they will be honored for these rescheduled dates.

Then in May 2021, it is back on with 9 to 5! The cast and musicians were ready to begin rehearsals on the Tuesday after we had to temporarily close, and the set was almost all built. Everyone we have spoken to really still wants to see this fun musical. All current tickets for 9 to 5 will be honored for the same day of the week, time, and seat.

Our beloved Summer Concerts and Majestic Children's Theater will resume June, July and August 2021. Every artist we have spoken to can't wait to perform again for you on the Majestic stage. We already know what fun plays our Children's Theater will present: Disney's The Little Mermaid JR., Curious George and the Golden Meatball, and Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR.

In September 2021, we begin our 25th season with the phoenix of musicals that will help us all to rise out of the ashes of this disaster: Buddy — The Buddy Holly Story.

See the schedule below for the 2021-2022 shows that we have planned. You will be provided with more information on the actual dates your current tickets will be valid for as we prepare to reopen the Majestic Theater. The performance dates within this plan may need to be adjusted depending on what's ahead, but we believe that it is achievable and gives careful consideration to everyone's safety, our production preparation timing, and our projected financial status. Most importantly it allows us to resume our non-profit mission of providing Pioneer Valley-based actors, actresses and theater technicians a professional place in which to perform: the reopened Majestic Theater.

If you have any questions, please email them to We will answer your emails from our homes until August 3, 2020 when we plan to reopen the box office, so we thank you for your patience if there are delays in our response.

In the meantime, our Majestic Theater Online programming will continue! Please check out our website for new content that you can only find online, like weekly live episodes of Behind the Curtain at the Majestic hosted by Danny Eaton, Majestic Children’s Theater shows and live talkbacks, and more.

Thank you for your continued support of the Majestic Theater. We hope to see everyone again soon! Stay safe!

Danny Eaton
Producing Director

Todd Kadis

and ALL of us at the Majestic Theater!

Regarding the Majestic Theater and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Did you have insurance for this type of claim?
We pay over $35,000 a year in insurance for our buildings, liability and workers' compensation. This was a government shutdown due to a communicable disease. We do have coverage that provides for "interruption of income", but it is tied directly to the use of the Majestic Theater building and was never intended to cover an uncontrollable exposure such as communicable disease. If we had a fire and the Majestic Theater building was destroyed and we could not have performances—thus a "business income interruption"—we could receive insurance money to help pay for the building damage and the "business interruption", but no insurance policy in the nation had coverage for COVID-19. Insurance companies would probably have gladly added coverage for a cost just as they did for the 9/11 acts of terrorism, but no insurance company took this type of disaster into consideration—and therefore they do not provide any coverage.

What can we do to help support the Majestic Theater?
If you want to support the Majestic during this difficult time, you can make a donation through our website (below). You can also support us by participating in our live online episodes and sharing them on Facebook to help us reach more people. Most of all, join us when we reopen! Continue to come to our shows, continue to subscribe, and help support our mission of providing professional, locally produced theater to the Pioneer Valley.

Why are you rescheduling productions?
After talking to our subscribers and patrons, we felt that more than anything they want to see our productions of The Pitch and 9 to 5 at the Majestic Theater. Our subscribers paid for their subscriptions well over a year ago and they still want to see these last two productions of our halted season, so we made the choice to pick up where we left off and honor those tickets. We are also rescheduling all of our special March events: Bo Fitzgerald & The YankCelt Band, Craig Eastman, and Misgivings, and we are honoring all tickets already purchased for those as well. We believe that you should still be able to see those shows.

Why must we wait until August 3, 2020 when the box office is scheduled to reopen to address ticketholder concerns?
There are a few reasons:
  • Our box office staff was furloughed due to having closed the Majestic Theater.
  • Since our box office is closed we cannot access our WinTix computer systems, credit card machines and other necessary business equipment.
  • It is not yet safe to ask our box office staff to return because we have very tight working conditions in our box office (and talking on the phone with a mask and gloves on does not work well!). When we do bring our box office staff back—and begin to pay them—we need to balance that expense against having no income until we can reopen the Majestic Theater and have performances.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at



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