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September 5–October 13, 2019

by JADE SCHUYLER • Comedy/Drama
Alexandra Durning grew up in Chatham on her father Norman's fishing boat, the Harley X, but left years ago for an advertising and marketing career in Boston. Now, she's had to return home to settle her father's estate only to find that he has left his beloved boat to both Alex and to his first mate, Pete, her childhood best friend. Alex wants nothing to do with the boat—she has a career and a fiancé in Boston to get back to. Pete, however, can't afford to buy her out. The solution? Alex decides to stay for one fishing season and signs on as his first mate, confronting not only her past, but her future. The Tuna Goddess has been described as a "soaring, gritty, and emotional play that will have you laughing uncontrollably one minute and then crying with heartbreak the next".
October 24–December 8, 2019

by STUART ROSS • Musical
Once upon a time, a semi-professional harmony group was in their cherry-red 1954 Mercury convertible on their way to their first big gig at the Hilton airport cocktail bar. They were rehearsing their big finale and just getting to their favorite E flat diminished seventh chord when they were slammed broadside by a school bus full of teenage girls on their way to witness the Beatles make their television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. None of the girls were injured, but all four guys in the harmony group were killed instantly. Somehow, though, they posthumously manage to take the stage for one final gig. Full of great songs that you’re sure to know and love, Forever Plaid is "screamingly funny and entirely enchanting".
January 9–February 16, 2020

by IRA LEVIN • Comedy/Thriller
Sidney Bruhl used to be a successful playwright, but he's had a series of box office flops, is short on money, and worse, he's having trouble now writing anything. But then a play from a student, Clifford Anderson, arrives and Sidney thinks it’s a certain hit—so much so that he jokingly tells his wife, Myra, that he may just have to kill this young man and steal his script. He invites Clifford over to give him "suggestions" on improving the play—which is, like the play itself, entitled Deathtrap and is also a one-set, five-character thriller. The next day, having picked up Clifford at the train station, Sidney learns that there are no other copies of the play in existence. To the horror of his wife, Sidney appears to choke Clifford to death and drags him off to bury him. But are things really as they seem? Deathtrap is an ingenious and spellbinding thriller, both sinister and hilarious!
February 27–April 5, 2020

by STAN FREEMAN • Contemporary Drama
The Pitch is a play about baseball, best friends ... and betrayal. Retired sportswriter Roger Pennell reluctantly agrees to collaborate with a young reporter, Mike Resnick, on the biography of a boyhood friend of his. That friend, Vernon Peters, was a pitcher—a lefty who could throw a fastball. He'd been languishing in Triple-A on a farm team for the New York Yankees, but then came "the call" and he was in the "Bigs", and on the mound at Yankee Stadium. In the batter's box was Boston's Carl Yastrzemski. Peters threw only one pitch on that day nearly fifty years ago, and then his career in the Major Leagues abruptly ended. In digging into the story, the young writer discovers a secret at the heart of it all—a secret the older writer fiercely intends to protect. The Pitch is a fascinating new play by the Valley's own Stan Freeman.
April 16–May 31, 2020

Based on the 1980 movie with music and lyrics by Dolly Parton, 9 to 5 garnered 15 Drama Desk Award nominations, the most ever in a single year for any production. In it we find three unlikely friends, Violet, Dora Lee, and Judy, stuck in life and stuck in unrewarding jobs. Their boss, Franklin Hart, Jr., is president of Consolidated Industries. He is also a domineering and lecherous man. A fantasized poisoning has him threatening to call the police on the women but they turn the tables on him, tie him up and kidnap him. Back at the office they institute changes under Hart's name, improving both morale and productivity—and they also discover some "creative accounting" practices. Hart escapes and returns to the office ready to take over again when the CEO of Consolidated, impressed by the changes, promotes Violet and ships Hart off to manage the company branch in Bolivia! 9 to 5 has been called a "goofily entertaining crowd-pleaser!"